Morpheus8 Radio-Frequency Skin Needling

Has your skin lost the tone, texture or tightness it once had? Do you have loose skin somewhere on your face or body you just can’t shift? Perhaps you have enlarged pores that have always bothered you?

Maybe you are just looking for an anti ageing treatment that stimulates your own collagen to tone and tighten.

Morpheus8 Radio-frequency Skin Needling is a revolutionary device delivers a targeted radio-frequency energy to each layer of the skin.

Unlike other technologies, treating each layer of the skin provides not only a deep tightening, but a surface rejuvenation with unparalleled results.

• Quick in clinic procedure with minimal pain and downtime

• Prices start from $500

• Unparalleled skin tightening, surface rejuvenation, reduction in pore size and smoothing of fine lines, wrinkles & scarring.

Tighten skin anywhere on the body with gold standard results.

Key benefits

Next-generation microneedling and tissue remodelling treatment

Improves fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and general skin tone and texture

Targets sagging skin and excess fat on the body

Stimulates collagen production and remodelling

Resurfaces skin to improve skin texture and tone

Improves skin laxity for increased skin firmness and suppleness

Coagulates and remodels fat for precise face and body contouring

Can be used on all skin tones

Minimal downtime

Limited risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)


How long does it take to see results?

Morpheus8 begins to stimulate changes in both the outer and underlying skin layers immediately after the first treatment.

You should be able to see improvements in your skin’s texture and quality within a few days of your treatment. Optimal results – including tighter, brighter skin with enhanced contours – will gradually appear over the next 3 months as your body begins to produce more collagen and elastin and tissue remodelling takes effect.

Results from Morpheus8 are long lasting. In some cases, the tightening and rejuvenation effects can last for years, subject to the natural ageing process. A maintenance treatment performed once or twice per year can help prolong the effects.


The treatment should last long-term, although it is difficult to predict exactly. Ageing is a dynamic process and there are many factors affecting clients individually. Lifestyle, diet and genetics, just to mention a few. As of today, permanent results are not possible, with any treatments or surgeries, as the skin is still be subject to ageing.

The skin will continue to relax and loosen again over time.

How many treatments are required?

Depending on the strength of your treatment, a single treatment or a series of 3-4 treatments may be recommended to achieve optimal results. I highly recommend having Forma treatments with the Morpheus8 for optimal results

What is the downtime?

While there is typically no downtime, some mild redness, swelling and small dots to the skin could last up to a maximum of 3-5 days.

Which skin concerns are best addressed by Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin-needling?

This is the gold standard technology for those wanting to minimise the appearance of:

– Sagging facial or neck skin

– Loose body skin post pregnancy, weight loss, or general ageing.

– Deep lines and creases

– Sun damage and poor skin texture

– Enlarged pores

– Stretch marks

– Acne or acne scars