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Time between photos: 8 weeks

By repairing the skin's natural barrier using #dermaviduals products, we've been able to calm the inflammation in the skin, increase hydration and decrease Hyperpigmentation. Resulting in brighter, even, plumper skin.

Corneotherapy is about long term sustainable results, no "bandaid" fixes.


Corneotherapy is not a type of product or treatment but rather a methodology in the way that the skin is treated.

It respects the outermost layer of the skin, it's Microbiome and the acid mantle. It will never cause disruption or harm to the skin's barrier function and natural defence mechanism.

You won't find any nasties in #Dermaviduals products. Are any of these ingredients in your skincare? If so, maybe it's time you ask yourself, "is my skin care really caring for my skin or is it hindering me from achieving my skin goals?"


Time between photos - 8 weeks

Healthy skin is in. Trust me when I say, it's all worth it!

Consistent skincare is 80% of the progress, the 20% is treatments giving a little deeper love!

If you have been contemplating starting on a skincare journey, this is a sign! I am the girl to help you get you started.

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Time between photos: 4 weeks

By using #Dermaviduals Corneotherapy products that work to repair your skin's natural barrier we are able to strengthen the defence system which helps keep the nasties out, resulting in less inflammation.

This also helps lock in hydration within the skin leaving us with a brighter, softer more plump skin with a more even complexion. In this case we've been able to settle down dome hyper pigmentation issues the client was experiencing.

Corneotherapy is about long term sustainable skin health, no quick "baindaids" fixes that deliver short term results. It treats and restores the outermost layer of the skin, which allows the inner to start functioning properly as it's not under threat from external conditions.

I've been working with this gorgeous girl for only a month now and what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time is ASTOUNDING!

To date she has had two Chemical Peels, we have tweaked her skincare and supplementation.

Given the amount of queries I received on my Covid set up, I thought I'd do a quick post to answer everyone's questions.

The Mask is Halyard N95, these guys are as rare as rocking horse poop, I purchased them last year and the medical supply is out of stock and so are many others, I recommend ringing around suppliers. Let me know if you can get your mitts on any, be warned they're roughly $95 for a box of 35.

For the last 7 years I've worn Surgical Masks, these masks are not appropriate and don't protect you or your client. I was Mask fit by a Professional Organisation, to ensure that I'm wearing the best fitting mask for my face shape.

The Face Shield is from Amazon, just pop face shield in the search bar, loads come up.

The disposable gown was purchased online from Ink Masters.

Be warned, I didn't look around for the cheapest price, I merely found the items and purchased them, so you might be able to track down some better deals.

How staggering are these results and best part is she still has another 6 weeks of healing, so the results will be even better once the complete healing process is achieved. I love that it's not only softened her crows feet, it's reduced the appearance of unsightly burst capillaries on her cheeks!!

Like all Surgical and Cosmetic procedures, the results are not entirely permanent as it does not stop the ageing process (how amazing would it be if I could stop it???....arghhhh a girl can dream) however the results you do get are all you baby and should last for many years to come.

Summer is the season when our skin is regularly exposed to external aggravators such as the harmful UV rays of the sun, dehydrating wind and clogging pollution.

Research has shown that skin ages more at this time of the year than any other due to the time we spend outdoors. So, now is a timely reminder that the consistent application of sun cream, having regular facials and adhering to a good home skin care routine is vital for optimal skin health and protection.

Here are our top suggestions to combat uneven skin tone:

Dermaviduals Lotion M (for moisturising) offers strong anti-oxidant properties and helps to protect from UVB damage. With capillary strengthening properties, as well as d-Panthenol, horsetail, Silicilic acid and cucumber, it is perfect for after sun exposure and general environmental protection. It literally puts the moisture back into your skin after the sun has taken it out.

Whitening serum is an essential for protecting and correcting skin tone and texture. It diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and also lightens age spots. It is also a tyrosinase inhibitor, offering cellular protection and is perfect for use on post-inflammatory acne marks.

Vitamin B Serum, containing Niacinamide, is renowned for its work in supporting the recovery of compromised or blemished skin. It’s perfect for use to assist with skin repair after time spent outdoors.

Another great option is a custom blended serum containing Vitamin C, Boswellia and Green tea. All three actives are great for anti-ageing, but in synergy, they stimulate collagen production, block free radicals and inhibit UV-induced decrease of collagen and elastin.

A tailored night repair cream with Linseed, Evening primrose and Vitamin A will also help repair and regenerate skin. Linseed and Evening Primrose deliver essential fatty acids for barrier repair and cell health, whilst Vitamin A regenerates and repairs damage.

So there you have it ~ a complete A-Z of sun protection and damage prevention!

Skin Tags removal from just one treatment!

Skin Tag's are usually harmless and painless. The main symptom is a growth on the skin, often on the neck, upper chest, underarms and eyelids. They may become irritated from rubbing against clothing.

Skin Tag's don’t need to be removed unless they become irritated, bothersome or you are not pleased by their appearance.

Thank you to everyone that supported me and helped my business grow in 2021.

Whether you liked my page, recommended me to a friend, purchased a service or mentioned my business to a colleague. You are truly appreciated and hold Stevie Nicks status love in my heart.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I had a stellar year and expect next year will be even better.

Love to you all xoxo Nadia

Some results get me super pumped and this is one of them. 💃

This client's skin is on the darker side, which can be problematic to treat, but with some prior preparation work, a successful patch test patch ( the lighter circle on the top right, which healed perfectly) and an extreme amount of caution, amazing results can be achieved. 👊

I can't wait to see the final results!

Today is my last day before Christmas. I'll be back in clinic on Monday the 27th December.

If you need any support over the next few days, please reach out.

Wishing you all the most magical Christmas with your friends and loved ones ✨

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Look how amazing the gorgeous Tarien is 2 weeks post Dry Needling session.

I heavily treated her scar under her right eye. Scars take 12 weeks to remodel, but it's fast on its way to flattening out and shrinking and did I mention it's only been 2 weeks! 🤯

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A common questions is “what will my face look like following a skin needling session”?

This is a perfect example of what it looks like immediately after the treatment. The redness will significantly subside within the next few hours and by the next day it will a light pink, similar to a mild sunburn.

Your skin is now in regenerating mode, existing Collagen and Elastin is being repaired and new Collagen is being created to repair the tiny (these are not visible) puncture wounds. This healing process is what creates plump, youthful looking skin.


Dermaviduals cleansing range consists of 3 different styles of cleansers, which can be blended just for you.

Hot Tips: Cleansers should not be used to remove makeup, the cleansing cloth is amazing for that. I would also avoid cleansing in the shower, as there is a risk of over using the product.