Morpheus8 Radio-Frequency Skin Needling

Has your skin lost the tone, texture or tightness it once had? Do you have loose skin somewhere on your face or body you just can’t shift? Perhaps you have enlarged pores that have always bothered you? Maybe you are just looking for an anti ageing treatment that stimulates your own collagen to tone and tighten.

Fortunately, technology in the area of skin rejuvenation is progressing at a rapid pace. The latest advancement is Morpheus8 Radio-frequency Skin Needling. This revolutionary device delivers a targeted radio-frequency energy to each layer of the skin. Unlike other technologies, treating each layer of the skin provides not only a deep tightening, but a surface rejuvenation with unparalleled results. • Quick in clinic procedure with minimal pain and downtime • Prices start from $700 • Unparalleled skin tightening, surface rejuvenation, reduction in pore size and smoothing of fine lines/wrinkles/scarring. Tighten skin anywhere on the body with gold standard results.

Morpheus8 Facelift

What is morpheus8 radiofrequency skin needling?

Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin needling combines fractionated radio-frequency and micro-needling into the most advanced skin tightening and resurfacing device on the market. Selectively delivering radio-frequency energy via 24 insulated micro-needles the Morpheus8 is able to achieve a deep remodelling of the skin on any part of the body.

How does the Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin needling work?

The Morpheus8 delivers radio-frequency energy to the skins deeper layers via 24 insulated micro-needles. Using multiple depth settings, the Morpheus8 treats each layer of the skin, allowing a tightening of the deeper layers, while resurfacing upper skin layers. This translates to amazing skin rejuvenation and tightening on any area of the face or body.

Which areas can be treated with Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin-needling? The Morpheus 8 can be used to treat skin on almost any part of the body. Common areas include: – Face, where it is the gold standard in lifting jowls, correcting fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing acne scarring. – Neck, to tighten sagging, tired neck skin. – Decolletage, to tighten loose skin that has formed on the chest and cleavage. – Abdomen, this is especially the case after pregnancy and weight loss – Upper arms – Above knees

Morpheus8 Stomach

Which skin concerns are best addressed by Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin-needling?

This is the gold standard technology for those wanting to minimise the appearance of: – Sagging facial or neck skin – Loose body skin post pregnancy, weight loss, or general ageing. – Deep lines and creases – Sun damage and poor skin texture – Enlarged pores – Stretch marks – Acne or acne scars

How is the procedure performed?

Upon arrival to your Morpheus8 radio-frequency skin-needling treatment you will have a topical numbing cream applied to the treatment area. Your dermal therapist will prepare the treatment area, and answer any questions you have prior to the treatment commencing. Once the skin is prepared, your dermal therapist will commence the micro-needling process with the morpheus8 hand-piece. The treatment takes about 10-15 minutes depending on the area treated. Post treatment our team will treat you to a cooling face mask..

Is the procedure painful?

Most clients find the procedure easy to tolerate. Topical numbing cream applied pre-treatment significantly decreases any associated discomfort of the procedure.

When can I wear makeup after the procedure?

Standard makeup, we recommend waiting 2 days post procedure. We can provide an especially formulated foundation that can be applied immediately post treatment. It contains healing and nutrient properties that speed the recovery process as well as cover any redness post treatment.

Morpheus8 Scar