I am the Director of Adelaide Skin Therapy with over 8 years experience in the Skin Care Industry. I am highly trained and experienced in Dermal Therapies. My continual dedication to my own education, personal growth and development has enabled me to obtain an excellent understanding of the elements necessary to create long term changes with the skin and provide solutions that suit my clients’ individual needs so they can look and feel their best always. I am very passionate about the industry I am so fortunate to be a part of and am more in love with my job now than ever before..

The one condition with Skin that I can honestly say is on the increase, it’s hyperpigmentation, the main driver being hormones and the main trigger is sun exposure. And I am on a mission to make sure my clients manage it in the best way possible so they can have the clearest complexion for their skin. Two absolutely mandatory products I always recommend is firstly a tyrosinase inhibitor, a serum based product, that interrupts the hormonal stimulation and transfer of melanin (pigment) in the cells. SRA Brightening Day Cream is a favourite of mine, the main ingredient Kojic acid known for its efficacy in managing hyperpigmentation. The second product I recommend is Sun Protection! A daily 30+ or 50+ SPF sunscreen to stop the stimulation from the Sun that triggers that Melanin production process known as Melanogenesis. SRA BB Cream SPF+ 40 outstanding at protecting the skin from sun exposure. .

Nadia Lewis