Summer Skin

Summer Skin

Your skincare product needs for this Summer

Summer. It’s a time of relaxation, reconnection, community and festivity. 

It’s also the season when our skin is more regularly exposed to external aggravators such as the harmful UV rays of the sun, dehydrating wind and clogging pollution.

Research has shown that skin ages more at this time of the year than any other due to the time we spend outdoors. So, now is a timely reminder that the consistent application of DMS sun cream, having regular facials and adhering to a good home skin care routine is vital for optimal skin health and protection.  And don’t forget a hat and to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Abiding by this is your best defense and will leave you free to enjoy all the best that summer has to offer.  It will also go a long way to preventing future symptoms of prolonged sun exposure.

Here are our top suggestions to combat uneven skin tone:

Lotion M (for moisturizing) offers strong anti-oxidant properties and helps to protect from UVB damage. With capillary strengthening properties, as well as d-Panthenol, horsetail, Salicilic acid and cucumber, it is perfect for after sun exposure and general environmental protection. It literally puts the moisture back into your skin after the sun has taken it out.

Our whitening serum is an essential for protecting and correcting skin tone and texture.  It diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and also lightens age spots.

It is also a tyrosinase inhibitor, offering cellular protection and is perfect for use on post-inflammatory acne marks.  Our whitening serum is not only intended for those suffering from melamsa, chlosama pigmentation caused by UV damage, it is also designed as a preventative.  Research indicates that age spots contribute to the appearance of skin ageing as much as a wrinkle does…

Vitamin B Serum, containing Niacinnamide, is renowned for its work in supporting the recovery of compromised or blemished skin. It’s perfect for use to assist with skin repair after time spent outdoors.

You can even have your very own seasonal blended serum customised for you-containing Vitamin C, Boswellia and Green tea. All three actives are great for anti-ageing, but in synergy, they stimulate collagen production, block free radicals and inhibit UV-induced decrease of collagen and elastin.

A tailored night repair cream with Linseed, Evening primrose and Vitamin A will also help repair and regenerate skin.  Linseed and Evening Primrose deliver essential fatty acids for barrier repair and cell health, whilst Vitamin A regenerates and repairs damage.  So there you have it ~ a complete A-Z of sun protection and damage prevention!