Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Preparation

Four weeks Prior:

Use Vitamin A (retinol) Vitamin C and E topically leading up to your appt.  Stop Vit A use 7 days before treatment. I sell a preparation cream it is $111. 

Do not have fillers or Botox 

Two Weeks Prior:

Drink 2 litres of water everyday, and for at least 2 weeks after your treatment. 

Please ensure you are using sunscreen daily on the area.

You can use LED several times per week prior to your appointment. Do not use on the day of your appt.

7 days Prior:

Do not wax, epilady, laser or thread the area for 7 days prior and 7 days post treatment. 

Avoid anticoagulants such as aspirin throughout the treatment regimen if medical condition permits and pertinent to physician approval. Anticoagulants/ Fish oil increase the possibility of bruising.

Do not apply fake tan to the area

Stop using Actives e.g Acids, Glycolics, BHA, Retinol, Vitamin A and all derivatives

Day off treatment:

This treatment is a tad spicy, I recommend taking pain relief 30 minutes before your appt (do not take Nurofen) 

Do not take antihistamine or anti inflammatories

Do not consume caffeine 

Do not exercise

You can bring earphones and listen to music, podcast or book as this will help take your mind off the treatment. 


If you suffer from cold sores please take prophylactic medication prior to prevent an outbreak.

If you suffer from an autoimmune, please check with your doctor prior to treatment

Please reschedule if you are sunburnt


Day 1 to 2 

  • Do not cleanse until the next day , use a gentle cleanser with no fragrance
  • Do not shave the area 
  • Avoid excessive perspiration
  • Avoid Sauna, hot baths, spas, swimming in chlorine
  • Apply Aftercare x 2 per day 

Day 3 – 4 

You can start LED (not necessary but will decrease inflammation) 

You can have an enzyme peel to help remove old skin cells (the ones that make your skin feel like a lizard)

You can start wearing mineral makeup

One Week

You are now able to apply fake tan

You can start applying actives 

You can recommence heat inducing activities. 

Two weeks

Drink 2 litres of water prior and post treatment


  • Zinc,  Vitamin C and Omega 3 (not during treatment) orally help heal the skin, generate cell growth, Collagen and Elastin. 
  • Sunscreen 15+ is mandatory daily, reapply as per the SUN Smart App recommendations
  • Do not spray perfume on your neck ever, as it hyper pigments
  • You must use a Tyrosinase Inhibitor to prevent Hyper Pigmentation. 
  • Be careful with sun exposure for 12 weeks

What Can Be Expected?

• Immediately after your treatment, you will look and feel like you have a moderate sunburn
• Skin may feel warm and tighter than usual
• Skin may crust and peel for 3-7 days after treatment
• Redness and swelling may last for 3-4 days