The Brow Clinic is known for their incredibly realistic approach to cosmetic tattooing and only want the best results for you. Clients have the option to have a separate consultation before the procedure or the option of sending through pictures of the area to establish if the procedure can be done. We request that these pictures are filter free, with no makeup on the area and uncropped to allow us to zoom in if necessary.

Some clients may not be suitable candidates for cosmetic tattooing. Before booking in for an appointment with us please ensure that you have read through the list.

A week before the cosmetic tattoo we also advise to stop using any products with Retin A, AHA, Lactic Acid or any other active skin care. If you are on Roaccutane or any other medication that may affect the skin please contact us to discuss.

If you have been previously tattooed or have any additional questions please feel free to contact us before booking in and we can answer any queries.


Can I Wear Makeup To My Appointment?

Yes, you can wear makeup to the appointment if need be – I can cleanse the area prior to applying anaesthetic. Although it’s more ideal if you do not wear makeup as the removal process can add additional trauma to the area

Is There A Cancellation Policy

For all treatments, any cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment, will incur losing your deposit.

Will there be swelling?

Some residual swelling is normal. Most swelling occurs on day 1-3, how much is individualised. Some clients may have minimal swelling, some may have more.