Each client’s skin responds differently.This information acts as a guideline only. Please read and follow instructions carefully.  If you have any questions please call 0430 885 333

Contraindications for the Skin Renewal Peeling

  • Pregnant women should not be peeled. The alteration in the hormones causes skin alterations. Avoid peeling until after the pregnancy and until no longer breastfeeding.
  • Any major medical condition that might jeopardize the healing process.
  • Anyone who is currently taking or has taken the drug “Accutane” within the last 6 months. Many physicians recommend waiting 12 months post Accutane before peeling the skin. If in doubt, permission from the client’s physician should be obtained.
  • Patients who have active cancer or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy or has had either within the last six months.
  • Patients taking oral chemotherapy drugs.
  • Patients who have had cryosurgery or laser within the last 6 months.
  • Patients who are currently taking a course of antibiotics which make the skin ultrasensitive.
  • Anyone who has an active herpes outbreak or an infection. Herpes simplex outbreak can be caused by all chemical peelings and must be considered in all patients especially those with a history. An outbreak is heralded by unusually severe facial pain that is unexpected and can cause permanent scarring. Anyone with a history of cold sore/fever blister or herpes outbreak must take one of the prescribed medications on our “Antiviral Form”.
  • Flu or flu like symptoms or a severe cold or fever.
  • If the skin is sunburned, been exposed to a sun bed, has a rash, looks extremely irritated or has recently been peeled or abraded by another method or chemical peeling.
  • Rule of thumb “When in doubt, don’t”


Client Pre Peeling Skin Care Instructions

Preparing for your Skin Renewal Peeling Treatment


  • Discontinue use of Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene, Hydroxyl Acid, Differin Gel, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, or Retinol/Vitamin A derivative product for at least one week prior to your peeling.
  • Avoid tanning and sun exposure for at least 2 weeks prior to your peeling.
  • You will not be treated if you have an infection or severe cold/flu OR are taking an antibiotic.
  • You cannot have the peeling treatment if you have used Accutane or its derivatives within the last 6 to 12 months.
  • You cannot have the peeling if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have active cancer or are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  • You cannot have the peeling treatment if you have active herpes. If an antiviral medication has been prescribed for you, you must begin taking the first dose Two (2) days prior to your appointment.  
  • You will be at the office for approximately two to two and a half hours on the first day of your treatment and for two hours on the second day.
  • If you are taking any medications that make you drowsy, you must arrange to have a responsible adult drive you home.
  • Please ensure that you have adequate sun protection in the form of a hat and scarf in your vehicle.
  • Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment. Hearing aids will have to be removed during the treatment.
Client Instruction Sheet During the Peeling Process

The “Skin Renewal Treatment” is a unique peeling method through which only part of the dead surface cells are removed in a thin, crusty layer without any of the problems that other peelings can bring. The dangers of many peeling treatments are due to the fact that they remove the entire dead cell layer and many times go beyond into the living cell layers which may be destroyed. The Skin Renewal Peeling facilitates the rapid removal of the top dead cell layers only (part of the Corneum Layer)  The Skin Renewal Peeling Treatment will help the skin become softer, moister and will permit the easy removal of blackheads and grease from clogged pores and will enable the skin to function better.


The First Day

Immediately after the first application of the Skin Renewal cream or paste, the skin will be normal aside from redness which is like strong sunburn. This cream/paste is harmless to the hair and therefore will not affect the eyebrows.  If the cream/paste accidentally gets into the eyes, there is no danger. The eyes can be washed out with plain water.  Of course the cream/paste as with any foreign body in the eye will be unpleasant.

You cannot wash, cleanse or wet your face, neck or any area to which the peeling has been applied for the duration of the peeling process- Six (6) days. During this period, refrain from using such products as hair dye, hair spray or make up. No other product may be used on the treated areas except the special lubricating “Soothing Cream” which will be provided to you.  The Soothing Cream is to be used on and around the areas on which you have had the Skin Renewal treatment.


The Second Day

There is a second application of the Skin Renewal peeling cream. The skin will start to darken and will gradually take on a deep sun tanned appearance.


At Home Care

The Soothing Cream should be applied at home continually until the treatment is completed which is approximately six days after the first application. The application of the Soothing Cream should start straight after the first application of the peeling.  Keep the skin continually covered with this cream reapplying whenever it has penetrated the skin.  This will keep the skin soft and moist and ensure the easy removal of the top dead cell layers.


Please Note

During the treatment you may go out, but you MUST protect yourself from exposure to the sun.  Wear a large hat out of doors, sunglasses and a silk or light cotton scarf to protect your neck.  Take particular caution whilst driving in a car. The sun is intensified through glass, so protect the sides of your face as well as your neck, with a scarf. Limit time spend outside to the cooler part of the day. During the winter, protect your face from the cold and wind with a light woolen scarf across your cheeks.

The Skin Renewal treatment is completely harmless, however the unpleasant aspects of the treatment are:

  1. For about 20 to 30 minutes after the application of the Skin Renewal treatment cream, you will feel a stinging sensation, which disappears slowly giving way to a new numb-like sensation. The use of a fan will ease the stinging.
  2. The ugly skin appearance with dark and light patches of uneven coloring during the process will disappear as the top dead cell layers are removed.
  3. An allergic reaction to the Skin renewal treatment can occur with redness and swelling of the face and eyelids along with itching.


Should this happen, call our office immediately.  There is absolutely no need to panic.  The allergy is localized and temporary and is easily dealt with by the use of antihistamines.

  1. If pimples are already present on the skin, an increased breakout maybe expected. This is because the Skin Renewal treatment will help to bring to the surface the hidden infection and impurities in order to facilitate their removal.
  2. The delicate skin around the eyes will take a little longer to peel away so for about two weeks, the skin around the eyes appears very dry.
  3. In the darker skins, the color normalization will take a little longer than in fair skins.


The Third to the Sixth Day.

By noon on the third day, the skin will become very dark, swell and wrinkle on the surface. You will experience a tight pulling sensation over the entire treated area.  This will be the most unpleasant day of the treatment. Your face will not hurt, but because of the tightness, you will find difficulty eating, talking, laughing and moving the face. Drinking using a straw is sometimes helpful. Avoid sunglasses pressing down on the sides of the nose if at all possible. Do not be afraid to move your facial muscles gently. At the end of the third and fourth days, the skin will start to peel and will continue for a maximum of three days.

The process will begin around the mouth and eyes. The last area to clear will be the cheeks and forehead.  The neck will take a little longer.



Keep applying the Soothing Cream by patting gently so as not to rub the skin off prematurely. If you feel the slightest unpleasant sensation on your face or neck as you do this, it means that the piece of skin is not ready to come off and should be left in place. Pulling the skin off before it is completely ready will lead to skin irritation, post inflammatory pigmentation, blotches and the clearing of impurities will not be as successful.


Important Notes

  • Drink lots of fluids, especially the first two days. Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses a day. (preferably water and fruit juice)
  • Avoid alcohol during this period.
  • Sleep on extra pillows as upright as possible to preclude excess facial swelling.
  • Post treatment discomfort may be relieved by over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol.
  • Oral antihistamine such as Benadryl may help with itching, but is sedating so do not drive whilst taking antihistamines.
  • Try to rest as much as you can.
  • From the moment your face begins to peel, DO NOT expose your new skin to the sun, wind and cold.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to expose your skin to these elements, be sure to protect the new skin with a sunscreen cream obtainable from us.
  • Do not exercise profusely. Perspiration could irritate the skin. Avoid excess heat, steam or extreme cold.




PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot be held responsible if after care instructions are not carefully adhered to.

There are no implied or written guarantees if you do not follow the aftercare